Monday, 11 May 2015

50 Things That Make Me Happy!

I thought I would join in on the fun of thinking about 50 things that make me happy, 50 things is actually quite a lot without repeating myself, but here it goes (in no particular order) ...

1- James
2- Jed
3- Our Home
4- Family
5- Friends
6- Cooking/Baking
5- Eating Yummy Foods and Cakes (especially cream teas!!)
6- Sunny Weather
7- Drinking Coffee
8- Family Gatherings/Days Out 
9- Walks On The Beach and Countryside
10- Snuggles With The Boys, Watching Films
11- Netflix
12- New Clothes
13- CHRISTMAS, EVERYTHING ABOUT IT!! (best time of the year by far)
14- Relaxing, Watching YouTube Videos
15- Long, Hot Bubble Baths
16- Food Shopping (guilty pleasure)
17- Receiving Flowers
18- Watching James Grow More Everyday Into a Beautiful Little Boy
19- Fresh Bed Sheets (who doesn't love fresh bedding?!)
20- Taking Photo's
21- Looking Back Through Old Pictures, Diaries, Keepsakes, Reminiscing 
22- Graze Box Deliveries
23- Planning and Organisation (I'm a bit if a crazy freak when it comes to this)
24- Seeing People Smile & Laugh
25- Freebies (may sound slightly cheap, but everyone loves and appreciates a freebie)
26-  Trying Out New Things 
27- Knowing I Make Somebody Happy
28- Having a Shiny Clean Kitchen (and house, when possible with a toddler)
29- Having Someone Play With My Hair
30- Dorking Around With Jed and James, Being Silly Buggers
31- Quality Time With My Mum♥
32- Getting Into Bed After a Busy Day
33- Old School Songs 
34- Mexican Food Smothered in Guacamole and Sour Cream
35- Big Comfy Jumpers 
36- Paranormal Documentaries/Films
37- Watching James Play
38- Evening Meals, All Sat Round The Table Together
39- The Thought of More Babies and Our Future 
40- A Cheeky Cocktail, Every Now and Again
41- Being Close With The In-Laws
42- BBQ's
43- Hot Chocolates With Cream and Marshmallows, Maybe Even a Naughty Flake 
44- Long Car Journeys
45- Being Called 'Mummy' and the words 'I Love You' From James
46- Random Little Signs Of Affection
47- The Phantom Of The Opera and Other Musicals
48- Instagram
49- Pamper Sessions at Poser's Beauty - Brows, Tan and Nails (Rare Occurrence)
50- Flowers

So there is my 50 things that make me happy! If you've done a post on this tag too, then please let me know in the comments, I'll pop over and have a read:-) Hope you've enjoyed x 


  1. Some great choices. Do you not have a button so people can follow your blog?

    Rebecca x x

    1. Thank you!:-) Do I not?! Oh no, haha. I've had a look in settings, etc. and I can't work out how I do it? I don't suppose you could help? I'm finding it so difficult to get my page to look half as good, as others..

    2. Of course I'll help. Most people follow blogs through Bloglovin these days so if you set yourself up on that and add the widget to your blog. But I'll help you with anything you need. If you just email me at and I'll try and help you get your blog how you want it lol.

      Bec x x

  2. Thanks for stopping by and reading my 50 things. I enjoyed yours too!
    Kads x