Monday, 11 May 2015

Meal Plan 11 - 17.5.15

I thought I would share with you our meal plan for this coming week. Meal planning is a big thing in our house, I like to be organised and know exactly what we are having, so when it comes to the shopping, I don't over spend as much as I could...

Monday - Smoked river cobbler risotto, with extra veggies - as this was tonight's tea I thought you might like to see it, I did also add a little sprinkle of dried parmesan. 

Tuesday - Baked white or sweet potatoes, with Cumberland sausages, baked beans and a side salad.

Wednesday - Tomato sauce based, pork mince pasta bake with extra peas and babycorn.

Thursday- Dinner with my Mum, I shall update you when I know what we are having...

Friday - Home-made chicken rogan josh, with basmati rice and mini poppadoms.

Saturday - Baked salami gnocchi with a side salad.

Sunday - Thai chicken noodle soup and crusty rolls.

Feel free to ask for pictures, or recipes, most of our meals are adapted to the slimming world plan for those who follow it, also check out our YouTube channel to be able to see what we ate last week.

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  1. That sounds like a really tasty plan, very inspiring. ��